Teeth whitening

Bleaching is the process of giving a natural whiteness to the tooth by lifting the yellow on the surface of the tooth, which is formed by the time on the surface of teeth, due to smoking or organic or inorganic substances due to food and beverages. Some diseases, nutritional habits, tobacco use, importance, etc. leave a plaque layer on the surface of the tooth enamel (the protective layer outside the teeth), causing the teeth to change color. When brushing is not done, the teeth move away from the natural color in a shorter time.

The whitening process is basically done by two methods.

Home Bleaching

It is an application based on the patient’s own use of the plates specially prepared by the physician for the patient.

The physician will take measurements on the patient’s mouth and dental check and prepare patient-specific plaques. The patient is informed by the physician about how much bleaching gel should be applied to the plates, and on all other matters, the patient uses plates on average, 5-7 hours a day. Recommended to use during general sleep, the plate, on average 6 – 7 days to achieve the planned color tone.

Bleaching at the Clinic

It is a method of tooth whitening which is applied by a physician in a clinical environment and results in shorter time (1-1.5 hours) than home whitening. Additional sessions can be added to my physician’s attendance.

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